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New to Ethercraft?

Welcome in! Ethercraft has a large variety of activities you can start with to start your way to the top. We want to cater to all kinds of players, whether you want to rule over the economy, become unstoppable in a PvP battle, show off your ranks and badges in chat, or immerse yourself in the RPG story and NPCs. 


When you first join Ethercraft, you will have access to three different /jobs. Choose wisely! Each job will provide mini-quests throughout the day. Upon leveling up in your job, you will also gain more money for doing the same things! Rack up those coins for some in-game items such as things found in admin town marketplaces, the player-run auction house, or the extremely elusive black market...


With Towns come wars...take your friends across the seas to enemy territory and bring terror! In order to gather strength, Ethercraft has the McMMO plugin along with custom tools and armor that hit harder than netherite. To practice, there are also different kinds of custom mobs out there to fight and defend against.


By completing specific tasks, you can /levels and earn different rewards! Some tasks include voting on Minecraft websites, completing different /lquests, spending a certain amount of money, and some other miscellaneous activities. With high enough levels, you can also /ranks and gain access to things like silk-touching spawners, player weather and time, and using nicknames! 

Story Quests

Ethercraft currently has 4 different towns in the towny world. Find the NPC to give out the town's first quest to begin the storyline! You must complete Merridia, Solluna, and Foridern first. After you have crafted the three completion items together, you can take the Ancient Text to the fourth town, Grimrest! 


Choose your /races carefully! The only way to switch is if you have a Race Token, which can be bought from the Ethercraft store. To learn more about races, find the race page on the side!