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Player Shops

Looking for some extra cash? Trying to gather a lot of dirt for a mega-build? Look no further, for all you have to do is make a player chest shop!


To set things up so people can buy your items:

-Have a chest (or a double chest) ready. Maybe make a nice shopping area!

-Hold the item you want to sell in your hand. If you want to sell up to 64 of something at once, hold a stack in your hand.

-Shift and left-click on the chest with the item

-Follow the prompt that pops up:

-Boom! You have your first chest shop that players can use!


To set things up so people can sell items to you:

-Follow the instructions above

-Right-click on your sign and this prompt will appear in chat:

-Where it says "Shop mode: Selling [Change]" you will click on the [Change] button

-It should change to this:


If you have any questions or need help with your player shops, please make a ticket in our discord, or reach out to a staff member! We will be happy to help.