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Ethercraft Armor

Ethercraft currently has a set of six different custom armor sets and tools, each correlating with a different race. 

With that being said, anyone can get any of the custom items! You just have to get lucky.

The way someone obtains a custom item is through activating a Mythical Relic Orb. How to get one? By using this crafting recipe below:

In a circle of 8 Relic Fragments (the prismarine shards) and 1 Mythic Core (fermented spider eye), which both are obtained through a variety of ways: voting, daily rewards, envoys, and lucky days in the player-run Auction House. 


Want a peek at what you could look like?

Dwarf armor, made to imitate the beast of the caves.


Angel armor, crafted by the porcelain of the gods


Oni armor, forged from the fires from hell


Human armor, perfected over years of trial and error


Merrow armor, found deep within the currents of darkness


Dragonborne armor, collected from the ruins of abandoned end cities